Why is it better to confess your feelings?

So yeah there's this guy I've been talking to, we match well, but I don't want him to treat me different (in case he doesn't like me).

Why is it better to confess?
  • Because there's a chance they like you as well
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  • It relieves (why?)
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  • Because it's unfair for the other person to not know
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  • I've never done it and not planning to
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • - The chance they like you back
    - If they reject you, you can move on
    - If you don't tell them, there's a chance they will find someone else you'll never know if they ever liked you back
    - There's onlya small chance things will be awkward between the two of you. He'll be at least flattered


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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Because most men are very bad at figuring out if a girl likes them back or not.

    Furthermore there's no need to be super straightforward about it, just asking someone for a walk or a drink in private clearly shows your interest.

  • Because if you don't, the answer will always be no


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