What do you think of people who leave a relationship because they're no longer attracted to their partner?

I hear people, mostly girls, saying you cannot date someone if you're not physically attracted to them.
Ok, so what if you're already together with someone and after time you no longer find yourself physically attracted to them, can you leave?


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  • Appearance and attraction has to do with initial interest, but people stay in relationships because they are emotionally attached to the other person. But if it goes too far, for example that there is no intimacy in the relationship anymore, it's doomed.

    • I think the initial interest thing is stupid. If physical attraction is important I don't see why it can't be all the way.
      In my opinion a guy replacing his wrinkly wife with a younger, better looking woman is no different than a woman refusing to date a man because she finds him ugly.

      I hear woman say all the time they would never date a guy, regardless of how great his personality is, if they don't find him physically attractive. This is fine, but by definition it makes you shallow and any relationship you form, just as it started based on shallow reasons, can be broken up because of shallow reason.
      This is a trade-off shallow people in general have to make and if your shallowness comes back to bite you, can you really complain?

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    • I don't know if I can believe as being genuine.
      Let me ask you this, lets say you have a female friend who starts dating a guy at 18 and at 23 leaves him for some shallow reason.
      Are you telling me you will view her the exact same was as an older man who leaves his wife to be with a 20 year old woman?

      If you view those two as the same thing then you're at least an honest person and I can respect your opinion. Because when girls like you talk about these things I'm almost questioning whether they support something for moral reasons or because they care about their own benefits

    • The age is unimportant, it's the reason why the relationship ends that bothers me.

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  • I don't see how you can become unattracted to a person myself unless they changed dramatically.

    I feel it's more a factor of boredom or finding someone you're more attracted to.


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  • Of course but it usually has to do with more than just that persons appearance

    • How is physical attraction more than just a person's appearance, what other factors are there to it?

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    • But if looks were an integral part of the relationship being formed surely the relationship can become unstable if the looks component suddenly is no longer there?

    • Sure, for shallow people. I guess I just can’t relate to people like that. I strongly believe you cannot have a real relationship based solely on looks. It may be a crush or an infatuation but relationships (in my opinion) are formed from more than just a persons looks.

  • You can leave, but you will be a slut, or a dick for doing such a thing.

    • Seems unfair. Why should a person be in a relationship they're no longer happy with.

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    • That's not true and attraction is part of love, 99% of the time it's what draws you in.

      But you're saying you'd want to be in a relationship with 0 physical intimacy because you or your partner are no longer attracted to one or the other? You can say whatever you want about what you feel love is but sex almost always requires some physical attraction unless you're the type who is attracted to pure intelligence

    • I agree on half of what you said, each person prefers personality or looks or both, in my regards I look for personality, I find looks as a bonus, now if you leave a girl because you lost interest in their looks, then sure you can leave her, but remember the impact it will have on her, you can't be selfish at times, in a relation ship you're just not looking for your happiness but you're looking to please someone else's also.

  • I still won't. We are 10 years before we got married. Over 1 years as husband and wife. Total of 11 years now. We are childhood sweethearts. We starts our relationship when we are around 13 years old? And still even through hard times we are atill trying to keep our relationship work.

  • People in a relationship don’t break up over such trivial things. The trivial things usually become endearing when you like someone. If people ‘break up’ over such shallow reasons then they were never actually in a ‘relationship’ to begin with. Truth.

    • But I hear girls often say they would never start a relationship with a guy, no matter how great his personality is, if they don't find him physically attractive. That by definition makes you shallow, and there's nothing with being shallow. But you have to keep in mind that any relationship that starts off on a shallow reason or two can also break up for shallow reasons.
      It's a compromise you're making by being shallow

    • You’ve took it out of context, that’s why you’re confused about it. Try looking at he same situation from a guys perspective - get it?

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