Girls, Does she just want to be my friend?

We've hung out a few times now. She always looks for stuff for us to do. She's been single a few months now, but gives very little away in terms of how she's feeling. Our last 'hang out' she invited her sister along to grab some drinks. Little signals give it away, and she's always keen to see me. She's organizing something for us to do in 2 weeks as well.

Am I reading too much into this? Should I grow some balls and just kiss her and find out? Or wait till I get a firm signal? She's 29 by the way. If that helps.


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  • It sounds like she wants to be your girlfriend but the only way to tell is to have a talk about feelings. Try using the term “date” with her, “let’s go on a date this Saturday” and see how she responds. In my eyes, she likes you.


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  • She seems a little reserved
    And seems that if she dont talk about feelings is because someone broke her heart And she is healing
    Dont rush
    Try to know her a bit more cause she might ran if you start too quicly
    If she shows any sign go ahead, but for know dont

    • I also wanna do nothing and make her lose interest. Maybe I can gently suggest I see her as more than a friend whilst she lets her heart heal and then she can come at her own pace? I just don't wanna lose the opportunity

    • Compliment her, say she's funny, special, if she smiles and her eyes shine, then she likes you

    • Thank you! I'll give it a try. Thanks for your words!

  • Wait til she gives you a clearer signal, so you won't go wrong
    or just try flirt a little, see how she reacts


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