I don't know what to do with her?

I will try to make this straightforward. There is a girl who is my sister's friend, she came to my house last weekend for a sleepover. We talked and got know each other a little. When she left, she sent me a text message: "Hi, it's me. I just wanted to tell you that I kinda like you."

Then I said that I kinda like her too, but we should get to know each other more. We talked about stuff and at the end I asked her if she could hang out on Friday, me and her. She said she could not.

On Friday (the day she told me she would be busy), she was at my house again for a sleepover w/ my sister. I wanted to make a move, and I tried (indirectly) multiple times to make an excuse to make her go out of the house, but she always brought my sister. I couldn't do anything.
Damn, I knew she actually liked me. I saw some messages between her and my sister, she said to my sister: "I really want to date your brother", "He is cute", and all that. But she would rather be with my sister than be with me personally.

Then the next day of the sleepover, yesterday. I went out with her walking near my house, I don't know how I made it, it was me and her. I was even thinking about being romantic and giving a little kiss, but she was barely talking to me. I was the one who had to break the ice and always initiate a conversation. She was kinda quiet all the time.

I really don't know what to do, she left today. I asked her to go out on next Saturday, she said she will see if she can. My whole family says that she likes me, and she wants to kiss me and she is crazy about me. But when I had the time with her, she was quiet. And she told my sister: "He should have kissed me when we went out together". But damn, she didn't even talk, I wasn't feeling like I should make a move.

I don't know what to do, I just hope she can see me on Saturday, and I will make a move no matter what, she is probably just waiting for me to make a move. One thing I know is that she really likes me, she does.


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  • Honestly; its quite nerve-racking to know that the person who you like, also likes you back. Makes you think "Oh my god! Seriously? Okay, just breathe... don't stuff things up!" So we don't do much in case we stuff up everything between us. She probably gets shy around her crushes (hence why she texted you saying that she likes you), and like I said, doesn't want to stuff things up between youse two out of embarrassment, rejection or humiliation.

    To remedy this; lucky for you, you know she likes you back! Now you have (or should have) no fear at all of getting rejected by any sort of move (other than sex... mate don't go there). Confidence is key to sexy; if you can persuade your sister to let her take your crush off her hands for an "errand", then you can talk to her, make her laugh try and make her talk back; make her feel comfortable - don't go in for the kiss on the lips - go in for a kiss on the cheek when you break away from a hug once you've said goodbye or hello

    • Thanks for you answer. I believe it will help a lot. About that sentence you told me, I believe that I should actually give a kiss on the lips. I did give her a kiss on the cheeks multiple times, and she told my sister that she was happy just because I kissed her on the cheeks.

      Also, I didn't mention on the text that, when I came back from the mini walkout we did, she told my sister: "Why didn't him kissed me?".
      She just gets me so confused, she want me to kiss her, but I don't feel comfortable around her. And I bet she is going to say No to the meeting we will have Saturday, just like before.

    • Perhaps, and most likely she feels rejected that you didn't kiss her on the lips, and maybe why she might say no for Saturday. Kissing on the cheeks can come across as being friendly and playful, but not romantic. I told it would be a good baby-step to making yourself feel comfortable with kissing her on the lips.

      What makes you feel uncomfortable around her, or is it the kiss on the lips that makes you feel uncomfortable?

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  • That's what every girl dreams of tbh. A scene where the girl is shy, and doesn't speak much, and the guy just makes the move without hesitation. I mean... at least that's what I would love.

  • Go ahead

    • Why? what do you mean

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