Genital Herpes?

The last guy i dated left a parting gift. I now have genital herpes and was wondering what my dating pool was now like. No mean comments please.
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  • It's so sad and you're so young, be very careful sweety because there are other things you can get that might be worse. I heard that a lot of people do have this infection, so maybe you can be honest with your partners, I hear if you take you meds then it might not flare up and it will be harder to pass to another person.

    Some people like myself that are scaredy cats might prefer not to date someone with a disease, I personally don't have the immune system, patience or bravery to do it, but all hope is not lost. Some HIV victims marry and find love with people who aren't even infected.

    Look at this way, I don't have anything and I am still without someone, you are not your disease, there's a lot more to finding someone.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes it matters and for many would be a deal breaker.

    However, the AHCC mushroom extract has been used in strains I believe are similar.

    Genetial herpes and the extract are mentioned here

    I took that mushroom extract (Now brand) for when I had a bad case of flu but it is very expensive.

    If I were you, I'd spend more time looking into potential natural cures if you haven't already. Iodine, Sulfur (Msm), AHCC, perhaps other mushroom extracts etc. In the trials it took about 6 months of treatment though..


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  • So sorry to hear that. If someone really loves you they will still date you. A lot of people have genital herpes. Mostly people with genital herpes don't even know they have it. Maybe you will find a guy who has genital herpes as well.

  • If you can pass it to other people, it matters.

  • I would maybe date you, but I would not go near your vagina.


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