I own a large male dog. He constantly tries to mount me... I'm starting to think maybe I should just relax and let him lol... IS IT REALLY THAT WRONG?


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  • Maybe he needs to be neutered. I’ve heard that it calms them down sexually and prevents cancer.

    • I think chopping off a piece of a dog just for owner's convinience is the worst abuse inaginable. Don't u think?

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    • Nobody said that it’s not a necessary organ for a dog just like nobody mentioned men and cancer but just to humour you, women have double mastectomies as a preventative measure to prevent breast cancer. If taking a preventative measure is in someone’s best interest, it should be considered as a viable option. Why do you think healthy people take statins? Preventative measure (although statins actually cause more harm than good). You’re merely trying to make any justification for not being open to the idea and that’s up to you. You posted the question to read people’s opinions and suggestions. If you’re not willing to appreciate a suggestion, (I’m not even saying you should consider it) then why bother to ask the question? Just let your dog do what it wants to you.

    • I wasn't attacking you. I was (and still am) friendly to you, while confronting the idea of "fixing" male dogs.
      measures that you mentioned for humans are implemented very rarely, only in cases of high probability of cancer. While male dogs are neutered just to lower their sex drive.

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