How do you feel about dating a tall guy if you are short?

I’m 20 and this guy I’m dating Is 26 and he is tall. Usually with each guy I like they all have same look skinny and short. This guy is skinny but tall. Very tall u wish he was a bit shorter because even in 4 inch heels I reach his chest/stomach. When we hug it’s always like side bear weird hugs cuz I’m short. I want to be tall enough to wrap my arms around him and not have to look up. I feel like a kid. Only thing I can do is hug him when he’s sitting while I’m standing or else I don't know he’s like 6ft I think. Or 5’11. I just don’t want to feel like a kid and also we would have to kiss and take pics sitting cuz the height is way too different I’m 5ft


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  • I’m 5’2 and a half my husband is 6’ I like being short makes me feel small like he’s the man or boss lol

    • Makes me feel like a child

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    • You shouldn’t females should be in my opinion shorter it just in my view funny looking or weird when a girl is same height or taller lol

    • It’s like who’s the guy in the relationship him having to look up or same height as his girl lol

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  • That's so cute hahaha.
    Well, I'm 4'10 and my boyfriend is 6'3. I love the height difference to be honest. Makes me feel safe and such.
    But if you don't feel comfortable dating a guy much taller than you, then please don't!!

    • But I like him 😂

    • If you like him then go for it then!! No skin off of either of your backs and no one will think badly of your height difference, don't worry!

  • I’m 5’0 ft my boyfriend is 6’0 ft. I love looking up to him. It’s cute.

    • I don’t like it , to look up to him a little bit is fine but a big height gap is too much I feel childish 😂

    • You shouldn’t feel childish...

  • Doesn't bother me


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