What do think of what I did and or does it inspire you?

What do think of what I did and or does it inspire you?I went to a dollar tree to get some stuff and I was looking through the dvd's they had. A girl that worked at the store starting talking saying she thought they had angry beavers and started throwing out some other old school show names. Then when I went to the checkout, I made a joke about the credit card scanner and she made star wars joke. I kind went through the process and thought nothing of it.

I later told a friend about it and he said... well... did you say anything back to her? no... and he bugged me and said you should have done something to reach out. I am trying to find more friends that are girls. So I took him on his challenge. I went back to the store and she was still there the next day. So I grabbed something to buy when to the counter and went.. This is kind of awkward but... I really think it would be fun to talk with you... is there a time we can meet up when you are not working? She said "I'm really busy with my job and I don't have much free time" So I said can I give you my number and she said sure. So I gave her my name and phone number.

Now I really would like to hear back from her but as far as I am concerned this is a win-win. I had the courage to go up to a girl and ask her an awkward question. It was a good confidence booster and will help me with other future encounters I have with girls.

What do you guys think? Was it bold? Was it too bold? Does it inspire anybody to the same with someone they also met in an uncommon place


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  • Good job man. Every conversation is an opportunity for a relationship, take those chances more often.


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  • It sure was bold. I’m proud of you to go out of your comfort zone like that!


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