Guys, Breadcrumbing or due to circumstance?

him: was in America for four months temporarily (may come back on work visa)

if he lived in my city permanently, I wouldn’t need to post. This would be 1000% breadcrumbing. But there’s a variable here that I’m not sure matters or not: he was a tourist.

I can accept that I have high expectations and can even be a bit idealistic romantically, which is another variable. He adds me through a recommendation of a friend via FB. Basically two weeks of nonstop conversation and then I lose patience and ask him what’s up, if we are gonna meet. We do and it’s fine. Over the next SIX weeks we just talk... that’s all...”Hi... hi... hi...” no meeting. Our mutual friend (man) said he likes me but is weird at communicating with him too. I cut him off and he kept bothering me asking me what he did wrong. So I answered the question. We meet a second time. Amazing. He wrote immediately and then the cycle started again for next two weeks. We meet again (my doing) and it was bad. On his phone half the time and seemed to have zoned me though he was adamant on paying for everything. He couldn’t stay because he had a goodbye dinner to go to later (when he was actually having dinner with me)

We part ways, I’m sure it’s all over, when he messages me immediately asking how I am after a phone call I got at the dinner table. He never met up with our friend that week because he was busy apparently. He goes back to his country the next week, don’t hear from him for a few weeks. He replied to some stories with emojis but I never open the messages.

For the first time ever, he liked a post of mine two weeks ago and a few days ago, wrote Me asking how I was doing. I thought about dropping it a few days and hen replied saying I was great, glad he’s back home safe and I hope he’s doing well too. No reply even now. A few days later. No kiss ever.

Breadcrumbing or just a tourist, trying not to take things too seriously?


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  • Just a tourist. I think that it doesn´t make sense for you to go on with this "relationship".

    • I’ve left the guy alone. It’s him who keeps trying to contact me. Even when I’ve given him the cold shoulder.

  • What does breadcrumbing mean?

    • Giving the least amount of attention to keep a woman interested, done deliberately. Sporadic texts

    • I understand.

      I never heard of the word.

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