Dating after 7 years of friendship?

I met this guy 7 years ago through my ex fiancee. We've hung out here and there talked on the computer and through texting. I've had a thing for him for him since my ex and I split. We're together finally and he has confessed to me that he's felt the same way this whole time. He's seen the toll my exes have taken on me in the past and treats me without a doubt far better than anyone has ever treated. When we first started taking it past friendship we would text or talk on the phone all day and late into the night. Since things have buckled down and everyone knows that we are finally together things have tapered off dramatically. In person he's the same but he doesn't text or half as much as he was and its like it happened over night. This is really worrying me. Should I just chill out or bring it up that its bothering me?


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  • daily contact is a healthy relationship, anything less is a big problem...maybe the relationship is still young, but the trend should be in that direction regardless

    • We have daily contact but it used to be that if one of us texted the other we'd hear back within 15 min and if we were not going to be able to use our phones for a while we'd let the other one know. It's been 3 hrs since I sent him a picture message of what I'll be wearing tonight (usually I get an instant you are so beautiful or something along those lines) and I haven't heard a thing. I don't want to send another text because he might think I'm too clingy.

    • In that case, maybe he's busy, so give it a day or so

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