Whats the best course of action after the conversation on tinder gets going... best timings? (only successful guys should answer)?

tinder chart of progression... best course of implying for going on a date.. timing etc.


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  • Suggest going out for a drink, or suggest a netflix and chill. If a girl is down for hooking up she won't say no. Some girl's might try to play hard to get. So it depneds on what the girl is looking for.

    • thank you, but it does not work for me for those 2 suggestions, usually for drinks they say stuff like no time/ delay it till i give up... saying you don't have time at all never is ridiculous, on the side note i don't have netflix... :'/

    • Your welcome. You can suggest watching a movie at your place. Sometimes girl's can be weird and make excuses. Yes true girls can make time if they want to. Maybe try to invite them out some where to eat. If a girl wants to meet you she will. You might have to find out what interest them and suggest something they like to do. Girl's like to play hard to get sometimes.

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