He still hasn't kissed me.

I've been dating a guy for about two months now and he still hasn't kissed me. I've met his family and friends and he's met mine. He says he really likes me and he knows I really like him too, we see each other every day for at least three hours. But he still hasn't kissed me.

I'm his first girlfriend and I know he's a virgin so could he just be shy? He tells everyone I'm his girlfriend and he says things like "next summer we should go there together". He's just started putting his arm around me or holding my hand but he does it in a jokey way for a few seconds. Why hasn't he kissed me yet? The only things that I can think of is he's not interested in me, he's shy, he's waiting for me to make the frist move or he wants to take it slow?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • General consensus, he's shy and he's waiting for you to make the first move. Just start in general being more affectionate with him. You say he's just started putting his arm around you but only in a joking manner, try holding his hand more often, or putting his arm around your shoulder. Try to get him more comfortable just being affectionate with you. In the end you'll still end up probably having to kiss him first. If you wait him out, he's going to end up being incredibly nervous when he finally does go for it, and then afterward will probably have no idea whether or not he even did a good job.

    If you go first it'll take the pressure off him, and it'll probably make him feel more like he's in a relationship rather than just with a friend.


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What Guys Said 2

  • It's B, C, or a combination of them most likely. I seriously doubt it's A.

  • He's shy, as redbilly1 said, he's scared of screwing things up. You should make him more confident by making the first move yourself.


What Girls Said 5

  • If your his first girlfriend then he's obviously shy.He doesn't what to do anything to make you mad at him or he doesn't want to do anything that may seem inappropriate.So maybe you should go and kiss him first so that he knows that he can be comfortable around you:)

  • if you wanna kiss him, kiss him. don't wait around for him.

  • Don't wait for him, make the first move, grab your shy guy and plant a smacker on his lips.

  • Kiss him first

  • " Why hasn't he kissed me yet? "

    In all seriousness, ASK HIM.

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