I liked a guy from my office. He initiated the chat with me with great interest but he stopped talking to me whn few people started talking about us?

I was 90% sure that he liked me too. Whn we met for 10 mins alone one day. His eyes were not leaving my face. He even asked me to drop home once. But few of my frnds started teasing me by his name. As soon as he came to know this.. he started ignoring. Even he u frnded me on facebook. But i can't control my emotions. M too much in love with him. Pls suggest what should i do. Because 1 week ago he used to text me continuously. He used to ask me for lunch dates. Then why he is ignoring me like this.


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  • He's probably very cautious because there are a lot of risks in seeing someone you work with. A guy can get fired and even be sued.

    • Yes but whn i used tell him i can't meet him in front of people he used to get offended

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    • Glad they helped. There are a lot of channels just like those

    • And u r a music lover too.

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