Im in love with a girl and she have the same feeling for me?

Im in love with a girl and she's same as me
But she have a boyfriend and she can't brake up what we should do


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  • This is a pretty serious problem to address if you both love each other very much. If she doesn't feel any kind of passion and love towards her current boyfriend, she needs to break it off with him so she doesn't lead him on and cause trouble in the future. If she still loves him, you two need to cut down the romance and flirting a bit so it doesn't conflict with her current relationship because feeling cheated on is one of the worst feelings to have in a relationship.

    • Thanks for the advice

    • Anytime! This is never an easy situation to be in and if she chooses to stay with her boyfriend, continue to be the supportive and caring best friend she wants you to be. If not, I hope she'll be brave enough to confront her boyfriend and tell him that she is interested in someone else and that he is still an amazing guy regardless.

  • So she's basically cheating on him?

    • No we are seeing each other and she didn't cheated on him

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    • You r not even understanding the situation

    • Is he aware that you two are in love...
      Cause if not it's called cheating my man

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