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Ok, so a few days ago at school while I was doing my school work on a bench all by myself, a guy that's one grade above me (year 12) comes along and decides to sit next to me for some reason for around 5-10 minutes, and I have no idea what he was doing because I was doing my school work. Then a couple of minutes later, I see that like 3-4 of his friends came up to him and one of them said "So, how's it going?" and then he said "Good" and for some reason they were all just sitting there and I don't even know why and I heard them saying "Do it! Do it!" and I was just sitting there kind of frozen, I was trying to do my work but at the same time I was thinking, wait what's going on here? His friends are also friends with another guy that likes me and I have noticed them looking at me quite a bit as well and I don't even know why. Why would he just decide to sit there all of a sudden and why would his friends show up and stay there as well? One of them also recently added me on Facebook and followed me on Instagram. I just don't get it, really. Yesterday and today he did look at me for like a split second as we were walking past each other. His friends are also friends with another guy that likes me and I've noticed that they tend to look at me quite a bit as well and I still don't even understand why to be honest. I really want to know. We actually used to talk via social media by the way a few years ago but that was it and we haven't talked ever since. Yesterday, we were in a big hall and he was near many of the guys in year 12 and when I entered the room they all started looking at me and they wouldn't take their eyes off me and don't quote me wrong but I think they were calling the guy that sat next to me on the bench over, but I still could've heard wrong. The guy that sat near me on the bench laughed then walked off and I too walked out after that. Gotten a few good answers, but I'm seeking for many more accurate answers too. Thank you in advance!


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  • Maybe he was going to ask you to prom. Or ask you out on a date. It seems like to me that he likes you.

    • Hmm interesting because today, him and his friend looked at me at the same time and then the rest of him friends came to him and then also looked at me too.

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    • Yes guy's talk about girls they like to other guy's The way they hovered around you when you did your homework shows they told him to talk to you when you was on that bench. I think he got scared and chicken out whatever he was going to talk to you about.

    • They came 3 minutes after he sat next to me though.

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