What happened with this girl?

Thanks in advance:

Met girl via Tinder

Around a month passed and we both agree we have a good dynamic, by this point we've done the deed multiple times, been on various dates and she's been round mine to stay over.

I'm due to go away for a week on holiday with mates but the day before we go shopping together, after she comes back to mine for food/films.. she's on my chest comfy watching the film but she has a knee jerk reaction out of nowhere, gets upset and says that she's not sure she can do this as she'll be away for a long time in the summer and doesn't want to upset me.

I offer her a lift home but she decides to order an Uber, we then end up kissing and cuddling each other. She's then asking me what I'm thinking..

Anyways I open door for her she kisses me and goes off to get her Uber.

So it was a casual relationship until this point where it felt more like a breakup even though we we're never official..

So after this we try to explain how we're feeling to each other, she explains that she values me but doesn't want to hurt me and she panicked.

I explain that I enjoyed what we had an may have showed too many feelings for her even though our arrangement was always meant to be a casual one.

She messages me a few times, says "if you want a friends with benefits situation or girlfriend without the commitment I can’t give you either because I need to prioritize myself right now, especially uni and graduating." and says that we should probably just move on.

So I basically tell her that's calm but if she feels less stressed or wants to chill give me a shout when I'm back. And she says she'll need time to focus and see how things go.

So anyways I'm back off holiday and it's left me pondering what to do next if anything.

Did this casual relationship get misguided?

Was it my fault that I treat her more like a girlfriend than just a casual thing?

Think I might be answering my own question but she's just confused me because we had a good dynamic.


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  • It’s not your fault, she’s not ready


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