How to get over a guy?

Give me tips on getting over a guy. I'm really in love with someone I probably have no chance with. I need to forget him but I can't. I can picture my whole future with him. He's an amazing guy but I can't keep doing this. Opinions and tips please!!


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  • It's one thing if he's with someone but if he's single, how will you know if you're out of his league unless you try? Don't let low self-esteem and lack of confidence get the best of you if you can find yourself being in a very happy relationship with him! If it turns out that he rejects you, at least you made the attempt to find out if he wanted to be in a relationship with you. If he accepts, you'll be glad you made the effort to step forward and be courageous about asking him out!

    If you feel uneasy with you two getting along or not, why not spend time with him to build up a bond first? It's always good to learn more about who you're pursuing to see if he's the one you want or not. If in the end it doesn't work out, you'll get the closure of knowing he's not available and you can invest your time into another guy you may like!


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  • Oh I get you. I'm in same boat too. I would recommend avoiding him for a while so you don't think of him so often and occupy yourself with hobbies that you like. Maybe binge watching your favorite series or a good book would help.


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