How should I approach my ex to rekindle our love?

I had a relationship last year with a guy on my swim team named John. This year I waited til swim season to talk to him, but he'd had a girlfriend since October. But as I began talking to this other guy on the team, John subtly began rekindling things. The weekend after that guy asked me out, John's girlfriend broke up with him.
After practice one day, teammates asked about John's breakup and then about him and I. He responded casually and talked about us openly without disgust or negativity in his voice.
At champs I cheered for John during his events. My family sat with his, and John talked with my mom throughout the day.
I badly want to be with John again. He doesn't have any social media; only phone number. We have a banquet this Saturday; I don't know if it's too soon after John's breakup. What should I do? And how?


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