Hanging out with a guy who might have a girlfriend?

There's this guy that I like, and we both go to the same university, except he's a few years older than me (I'm 18).

We're friends, but I've never asked him whether he has a girlfriend because I really just don't feel comfortable doing that, and something tells me it won't be comfortable for him.

Once, I was talking to a friend of mine about him, and this other b****, who I'm not friends with, overhears me and says "He has a girlfriend, you know". When I asked her how she knew that, she replied "I have my sources".

The thing is, I just wanna be able to have a nice and civil conversation with this guy over a cup of coffee on campus. We're both swimmers, and he's much more experienced than I am, so I just wanted to talk about that and other things in general.

Would that be wrong? I have no intention of ruining his relationship if he has a girlfriend, it would just be a friendly sort of meeting.


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  • Nothing wrong in hanging out. Go for it! If he has a girlfriend, he'll let you know. He doesn't seem to be the player type.

  • If you're such good friends just ask him yourself.

    If he does than you gotta see if the girl's comfortable with you hanging with him.


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