Would it be rude to call her again?

I texted this girl to ask for a date but I didn't get a reply back. She usually answers her calls and texts whenever I contact her. She's never initiated a phone conversation with me though and every time we talk on the phone, the conversation is very brief and it's like she's hurried to get off the phone. I know she's really busy too so that's understandable. Could she really be just nervous to talk to me on the phone? Or maybe she's not interested in me in that way? Will it creep her out if I call her again just to make sure she got message? Would it be rude or something? I'm really like her but not getting a response is killing me!


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  • She isn't interested let it go before she starts to think you are creepy o_0

    • Got it. Would she still be okay being friends or whatnot?

    • This may come off harsh but if she wants anything to do with you SHE will come around don't ask why I don't even know just take it as us ladies being crazy :/ don't make anything awkward keep it casual and if she does come around don't bring it up let her say what she thinks. Besides there is plenty of chicks out there ;)

    • Let her come around you put your effort in already...

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