Can anyone talk to me so im less alone?

I've been trying to find a nice girl to be with but its just not working out. Who ever i find always leaves so im guessing there's something really wrong with me. I just want someone to talk to me and keep me a bit of company since my love life has failed


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  • I hope everything will be ok dude, but don't give up hope, the right girl for you is out there, and one day, when you least expect it, she will come into your life.

    • Thank you. Its just the last one really did a number on me

    • I've been there, it will get better. :) just don't lose hope!

Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think you have something wrong, maybe you have met the wrong people and sadly there are tons of those out there

    • Unfortunately yes. The last one i had destroyed me completely. But i continue to think of her. Half of the time i get depressed sand heavily miss her. Other times i get mad and think about all the red flags that went over my head

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