I think my friend likes me?

I am in a distant relationship since she moved and I'm planning on moving too, and may get difficult sometimes but I still love my partner. For the last 3 weeks a girl of my friends group is being too friendly, always want to do things with me, when watching a movie she sets next to me, eating next to me. And it wasn't like this before, yesterday she held my arm and slept on my shoulder and I didn't wanna wake her up...

Should I ask her if she likes me or am I overreacting?
What should I do?


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  • Enjoy it if you Want and make a move if you wanna take it further. Else act unbothered by it. She'll go away after a few tries

    • I'm not the type to cheat really, I'll try giving her the cold shoulder whenever she's doing these things

    • Then act as if she's a kid trying to act all close. Don't be rude. Let your body language show that it's not Gonna work

    • Will do, thanks a lot.

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