FEMALES what is a great first message to send a female on a dating site?

What is a good first message to send on a dating app that does not sound too generic plain or bland? Example I’ve tried messaging hello my name is _______ how are you/ how was your weekend?

I have also sent Hey you! Whats up & hey beautiful 😗 Convos I start with a bang then after 5 days it ends with a block am I being boring or too much of a gentleman? Any advice on dos and Don’ts on convos or a basic rules or great ideas on flirting I’m barely know how to flirt


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  • simple but interesting one, it can be about something that she is interested in. She will usually write it to her profile.

    • I’ve tried talking to them about what they are interested in in but I don’t get responses it very weird I have messaged over 450 females and none have replied to me better yet I’ll send you my Pof profile for u to see

    • I just tried your advice the female read my message and did not reply 🙁 does my height have to do anything

    • Any ideas 💡 on what to say?

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