Would you like it if a girl you’ve been talking to comments on a pic?

Been talking for months. We were talking earlier that day about how we found each other attractive. He posts a pic on insta. I commented and he liked everyone’s comment besides mine and some other weird girl’s comment. I later deleted it because I felt played since someone commented after me and he liked his comment but not mine. Idc about the likes or whatever but I honestly felt like he was playing me for some reason. Is this normal? Did I do something wrong by commenting on his pic? Do guys not get flattered if a girl comments that they look nice in a pic? I mean I do speak Spanish and I commented in Spanish but does that even matter? I don't know if I jumped the gun by deleting it after a while but I just felt like it might not even be wanted. I feel so confused... honestly guys, opinions please!


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  • I like it when a girl I like comments on one of my pics, it shows she's paying attention to me, so it makes me wanna return the favor.

    • I don’t understand why he literally acknowledged everyone else’s comment but mine and another girls...

    • I deleted it cause I thought that he might’ve felt uncomfortable. I hope I didn’t make it into something by deleting it. And then after I commented I texted him saying that I liked his pic or whatever and he said “ok” and just kept the answers short like “yep”... I don't know if he felt bothered

    • Every guy is different, so each have their own thing, you could try talking to him about it in person.

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