Ladies, would you date your hot guy friend? or your cute guy friend?

Or maybe neither? Explain why for your choice.


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  • A cute guy becomes hot if I like him, and a hot guy can go from 10-0 if he's a jerk. The important part here is that he's my friend. I've only ever gotten crushes on guys who were friends first. I prefer knowing him and letting the attraction build based on his personality and our relationship.

    • That sounds good. Being friends first is a good idea a lot of the times, otherwise, the friendship could just become awkward from the start if things don't work out.

    • Very true. I know plenty of people start great relationships with people they have just met, but in my experience, the best relationships start from friendships first.

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  • both are a okay truthfully.

    cute can become hot in my eyes...

    • Cute can become hot? Hmmmmm, I never though bout that.

    • Of course!! :) like there may be a guy who is 'just' cute but as you get to know him more, esp if he's confident or whatever, then he becomes the 'apple of your eye' and the one you want more than the guy who is 'surface level' hot....

  • I would date the cue guy friend. Because the hot one, knows he's hot and always go after other girls and never (hard to believe) will be loyal. Do you get what I'm sayin?

    • I can see your point. No worries.

  • hot guy friends are usually sleezy , but if he's my friend then I would expect him to respect me enough that if I were to date him he would be true to the relationship.

    cute guy friends try to hard and a lot of the time , they don't know they are cute which can be pretty fustrating and a lot of work.

    because of the confidence issue, I would say hot guy friend for sure.

    • Yeah, I think it's true that cute guys don't know they are cute cause of their confidence. Defintiely see that being true.

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