You find a good woman, the poof?

Hard being a good guy when women just treat you like trash...

I always here women complaining about there being no good guys.

Then they act just as poorly as the giys that treated them badly

What is up with this?


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  • You allow it

    • I allow it? No no. I dont allow anyone to treat me poorly. Their actions are their own. How do they expect a man to love them and respect them when they just up and leave like that. They are all doing it, like they think they are going to get something out of it. like a trend these days.

      All they do is say good things then treat you like crap. If a woman treats me poorly. I walk away if they can't fix their attitude.

      I'm a loving man not a push over

      Or did you mean something else?

    • So what part did you mean i allow?

    • So you have nothing? If women keep acting like that. They aren't going to accomplish anything except hurting a good guy. Like this one girl did today.

      And women wonder why they end up with jerks.

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