How can I not be nervous for first couple date with bf?

I am. Going on date with boyfriend and another couple and am nervous. The other couple is his friends but thing is this is our first date alone together and had went out for lunch 2 weeks ago with someone I know. But we are going out to eat and nervous if I’ll be shy awkward and weird to his friends or other couple. Any advice? I’m 20 and never had date before. Also how would we kiss? We have never kissed and wonder if we will kiss or how we’ll get chance if we do?


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  • " 1. Pump yourself up versus beat yourself down pre-date. Put on some music that makes you feel good, wear something that you feel attractive in and focus on the confident parts of you. Brainstorm at least two positive qualities about yourself and soak them in.

    2. Avoid labeling anxious thoughts, feelings and sensations as bad or perceiving them in a self-defeating way. Anxious thoughts breed anxious thoughts, so break the cycle by taking a step back, reminding yourself that your anxiety will pass and replacing an anxious thought with something more positive.

    3. Tune into your excitement about the possibility of finding love. Ask, “what other emotions do I feel about dating and how can I access them?” Focus on hope, new potential, happiness, connection and adventure.

    4. Release endorphins for a renewed sense of well-being by exercising or engaging in physical activity. Also try a yoga class to rejuvenate yourself and calm your mind.

    5. Reflect on other anxiety-provoking experiences that went well for you and consider the strengths you bring to a relationship. When do things go well for you despite your fear?

    6. Remind yourself that your upcoming first date is one short, single event in your life. Realistically, it is only a little of your time and you will get through it. Confidence is key!

    7. Practice conquering your fears and anxieties in your every day life. Make an extra effort to say thank you to a stranger holding the door at a coffee shop, strike up a conversation with someone at the gym or get involved in a new activity. These exercises naturally make you feel good about yourself.

    8. Plan out several conversation starters or topics for the date. What are you confident talking about? Which subjects are interesting to you? What can you teach your date? Having a plan is helpful.

    9. Give yourself a reality check. While looking for the right partner, you are likely going to experience good dates and bad dates, fun dates and boring dates, dates where you click and dates where you don’t. Be sure to manage your expectations.

    10. Ground yourself before exiting your home. Focus on your breathing while telling yourself something calming, comforting and kind. Positive and affirmative statements such as, “I can handle this,” I am strong and courageous,” and “I am open to this experience,” are powerful in anxiety management."


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