I feel like I've met my soulmate, is this real?

So this all started two months ago. I was at my local grocery store, I was having trouble reaching pancake mix that was on the top shelf. (I'm short. Like 4'11") a guy ended up getting it for me, I thanked him and that was it. I ended up seeing him again in the checkout line. We talked a bit. For maybe 5 minutes, and i don't know how to explain it... but it felt like I knew him for years even tho I had just met him. He asked for my number but I don't give that out very easily. I told him he could add/follow me on social media and he said he doesn't have social media. So I just shrugged.

I figured I wouldn't end up seeing him again. A week after that encounter, I dropped of an intern application at the DA's office and ended up seeing him there again. He looked surprised to see me and I asked if he was stalking me. He mentioned that he works there so I'd be considered the stalker.
I finally gave him my number and we've had three dates so far. We have a fourth one coming up.

He's older. He's 31. I'm 24. I've dated a lot in my past and this doesn't compare. I used to think that I was in love with my past exes. But this feels very different. It feels like there's a pull. Like I'm supposed to be with him. And when he looks at me, I just feel completely vulnerable. I feel like I've met him before even tho I've never seen him before that encounter at the grocery store. What are these feelings? Is this normal?


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  • Seems like everyone is your soulmate

    • How? I'm talking about the same person. It's the same person I met at the grocery store, and the check out line, and at the DA's office

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