How would u girls fell if this happened?

What happened is I like a girl a lot but she doesn't and its fine by me

She avoids interacting with me
Maybe coz she doesn't want to increase my hopes

So after some time I also stopped trying to speak to her, please tell how would u feel if this happens with u

And also I did that for a week but I can't help it anymore cos I really like her maybe even I love so I have decided I will not avoid her any more and just keep it casual as I do work other girls
please tell in this situation would u like me to keep my distance or act as just friends with her

Thanks a lot
Have a good day


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  • Just keep it casual. But if you know she doesn't like you back, and if you know that in the long run will hurt your feelings, then keep distance.

    • Yes u r right
      It does bother me that she doesn't talk to me or don't say bye while leaving
      And she I think has a crush on a guy in our group coz she does talk to him a lot and sits beside him herself when ever possible

      So I think keeping distance
      Would be OK then
      This won't make her feel bad right?

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