My bisexual girlfriend and her gay male friend?

So my girlfriend and I have been together for 8 months now over long distance. And we've both noticed that there's been a massive lack of communication since the 7 month mark. I've also noticed that she's hanging out with another guy, everyone (including himself and my girlfriend) says he's gay. My girlfriend has also been showing more interest in what this gay person is interested in. And as I'm too far away to monitor the two, I'm starting to feel like I'm not as important... I've talked to her about it, however this just led to us arguing. I also refuse to let go of her as I still love her so much... Can I please get some help, from both genders.


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  • If her friend is a gay dude, he will never be into her 😂 Don't worry about what he thinks but do express your concerns with her.

    • I have. And the thing is, he's had a girlfriend in the past, which is what scares me, as he could easily go back to bisexual.

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    • Okay, I'll keep that in mind. Thank you so much for your help. I truly appreciate it

    • You're welcome! I hope everything goes well, let me know how it goes 💖

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  • As long as you insist to keep her she will have influence over you. It makes sense she would try find support in someone else if you're unable to take the time

    • So im just being stupidly jealous?

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