He earns more than me - who should pay on a date?

I'm still a full-time student and he's already working, don't know how much he makes but I guess quite a bit. We went out like four times, three times for coffee and one time for dinner. He always paid for everything.

Now I also want to invite him sometime, but I sure can't afford to pay for a full sized dinner - what shall I do then? Invite him to a 'cheaper' restaurant I can afford, to a cup of coffee, cinema or just offer to split the bill next time?

Or does it come off as weird?


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  • Go for coffee.

    I'm a student too, and my boyfriend lives quite far away, so what we generally do is when I'm at his house he pays, when he's at my house I pay. I buy cheaper stuff though!

    But definitely discuss splitting the bill or something. It's cool that you're not like so many stupid girls on here that thinks the guy should always pay.