Why do guys always hurt me?

Hi! :)

I'm a very *bubbly girl who's quite sensitive, thoughtful and loves to think about life, fun and all that kind of stuff.
In my life I've never had a real relationship but that's probably because I'm still young (and European). I have dated several guys and I've been close with them. After a few weeks they always seem a bit off, even though I'm not very clingy or whatsoever. Most of them have called me ''perfect'' and ''beautiful''. Many of them said: ''finally a girl who understands me'' and they really like the fact that I have many hobbies. Yet they dump me after a few weeks and state things like ''it's not you, it's me'' and ''I know I'm being a huge d*ck'' I really don't understand! What am I doing wrong? I never meant any harm. I'm always very polite and understanding when these things occur but deep down it hurts me so much. They say that I deserve better, yet nobody has been around for me.

I would appreciate any opinion, advice and support, but please be nice!
Thank you so much for reading and for helping me out.
Cheers! (;

*Bubbly: enthusiastic, positive, lives in their own world and sensitive.
Why do guys always hurt me?
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