Girls, What would you think of a guy who dosent really have a dating life?

Like currently I don’t have a dating life and I know most women base a guys value on if he’s desirable


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  • in my opinion, its worse to comstantly want to date. Thats pathetic. People should learn to be happy even when alone.

    • Here’s the thing to figure out what you want in life you have to date and I haven’t even had my first girlfriend yet

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    • Here’s the thing right now the only thing about me that right now is my poor social and dating life everything else is doing great

    • If that is TRULY the case. Work om socialising and making friends first. Let people like you as a person, get comfortable, and then look for a relationship. My opinion still stands though- people who put too many stakes into dating are the pathetic ones. there's nothing wrong qith being comfortable enough to be alone with yourself.. and i mean, only crazy people ask about exes.

  • That's hard to find a guy like that lol


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