How to deal with love?

I've never been in a relationship, but i met this girl online- we talked 5h straight when we first matched. We always used to text lots, and she would also initiate the convo, but now it feels like I mainly am.

We have just about everything in common- emotionally wise and personality/ job. Actually the first time we met in person was when she came late to help me with a job I was still doing. 2nd time I saw her was when I went to her work, she showed me around and then we hung out for a while. 3rd time we drove about an hour to hike etc. so that was about 10h in total haha

Oh also she got out of a bad relationship (major manipulation and money user) 1.5 months ago and keeps saying she is only looking for friends. (she moved back home and parents aren't on board with us meeting online lol- which i understand)

Her parents know about me, as long with all of her co-workers and boss, so I guess that is a good thing

I guess my problem is since we are both so busy, there isn't much communication anymore (or at least id prefer more) and I honestly can't get her out of my mind- Does anyone have any tips on what to do, and also how much you think she likes me?

Thanks for reading my essay haha


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  • lol i think u both should try to get closer to each other

    • How would we do that? Basically when we see each other it’s amazing, so I *think all is going well relationship wise- I think I’m just gettting too clingy lol sometimes I have to stop myself from being “stalkerish” lol

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