Been seeing a guy for about 4-5 months now.
He made it clear a month ago he didn’t want to be monogamous.
He has slept over every night he’s seen me, pretty much see each other once a weekend.
About 3 weeks ago the 3 and the 2 weekend he stayed two nights each weekend.

He knows I like him, we’ve had the chat, he said he classifies me as a really good friend, and he is more “picky” with his friends than those who sleeps with.

GREAT chemistry! The sex is honestly the best he even says so himself (sorry if TMI), we played board games together last weekend, went out for a coffee then a stroll through Kmart, mucking around.

I tell him and things I don’t even tell close friends, I feel that comfortable with him it’s ridiculous, can be my complete self.

About a month ago though.. we were talking about the dating/boyfriend etc... he pretty much said I need to work on my body, admitting to being shallow and I don’t deserve a guy like that anyway (but I’ve done that myself in the past/in saying that if I’m not physically attracted I wouldn’t sleep with them).

THEN says he likes me, calls me his main chick.. jokes about changing my name on his Netflix to “wifey” ...

LAST weekend he stayed Saturday, Sunday for some reason is where it all goes weird and confusing for me, I have ideas and thoughts but still not a clue.

So I got tinder back about a month ago, he has it too. I never use it though it just sits there, after he said things about seeing other people.

Anyhow, a message popped up and he was saying invite them round later after you’re “almost boyfriend leaves” blah blah blah.. then left quickly that night without giving any notice? Mind you he was looking at his phone quite a bit towards the end...

Anyway I messaged him and told him how I felt about his comments with the tinder and leaving without much notice. His response was (VIEW SECOND POST PLEASE) under “NEED OTHERS THOUGHTS? #2”


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  • YOur his freinds with benefits. He only sees you as a fuck freind. Who he can sleep over with.
    As for the tinder he is jealous ever though he is fucking a few girls from his own.

    Dump his ass he is using you in so many ways.


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