Anyway I messaged him and told him how I felt about his comments with the tinder and leaving without much notice. His response was he wanted to see my reaction to the tinder and he didn’t give me notice because he didn’t want to upset me because I thought he was going to stay the night so told me last minute so I wasn’t upset the hours leading up to him leaving. - his words

Anyway... i messaged him at 8pm when he left he normally will reply once home but he didn’t reply till 11:40pm... I couldn’t help thinking I know his pattern, he was looking at his phone, starting thinking about him being with another girl and we aren’t even together?

I’ve been conflicted on and off since we started getting to know and see each other back since late jan/feb.

But I was settled. I wanted him in my life but friends is where it needs to stand.
Long story short here, told him that. Everything seemed fine Monday. Tuesday same thing, we spoke on the phone Tuesday night he tried throwing a few flirty comments out and I deflected them (in a polite/joking way).

He was also saying things gonna be weird not seeing you this weekend and I’ll miss you, I was joking around saying yeah right and that’s nice... because I said to him Monday with the friends thing that it’s also best not to see him this coming weekend.

He was also talking and bringing up memes I shared about relationships and one in particular, about unsure whether they like you or not sort of thing and he said that’s so us. Meaning apparently I’m hot and cold sometimes, but I’ve told him numerous times how I’ve felt?

Anyway... after taking for a bit he also joked on the about blocking me on Facebook out of nowhere sorta thing and Snapchat, etc... was really weird and out of character for him. Then hung up quickly saying talk later. Messaged me on Snapchat saying that his hormones and (PLEASE CONTINUE ON NEXT ONE / LAST ONE —> “ NEED OTHERS THOUGHTS? #3”


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