Guys, what do you think of dating a girl slightly older than you?

Usually, I like older guys as in three to six years older then me but on occasion I find a guy a year or two younger I like. Though, a lot of the time they get uncomfortable due to the age difference and act awkwardly around me after finding out my age even if they were in to me before the fact. This caused me to swear off younger guys but there is this freshman in my high school that I really like.

So, I was wondering- yes or no to dating an older women?

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Also, I don't look my age and people usually mistake me for two or three years younger so it would seem as if the guy was the older of the pair if he was worried about weird stares.


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  • lots of people date, regardless of age.

    the only thing I would be concerned about

    it maturity.

    males, especially freshman are not ready

    for a committed relationship or sex.

    [although a lot of them are already doing it].

    they don't know what they want, and it's a huge maturity jump.

    • Yes, but not all of them are like that even though it makes up the majority. Also, I find being a little childish is a good thing since I myself enjoy letting out my inner child and acting immature. Maturity can make life dull if that is all you ever are- never allowing yourself to be childish.

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    • You don't have to do what everyone else does.

      yeah, it could be seen as weird by everyone,

      but you wouldn't be dating everyone, you

      would be dating that one person, and if you and that

      other person are happy, who cares about everyone else?

    • I was referring to kissing and telling.