What does it mean when girl dont reply back?

I've been texting to this girl that said i was cute and wanted to get to know me but over time i know most of the things she have told me and when i ask her if we could talk in person she agreed but never showed up. after a few times of this happening her last reply was that she was going to her brothers competition and she haven't replied to me ever since just leaves me on R. What should i do?


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  • it could be few reasons:
    not interested/changed her mind
    Bad mood in that moment
    Doesn't know what to reply
    tired of texting

    • She never showed up when i ask her if she wanted to talk in person even tho she agreed

    • Did you ask her more times or once? Did you ask her directly? One thing you need to know about women: We can change our mind easily based on our mood , one thing we want today we might not want next day and so on

    • I have but perhaps your right

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  • Stop being an idiot. She stood you up? Don't talk to her anymore. Simple.


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  • Stop chasing her. She maybe is confused. Or she was just bluffing.

  • Stop texting her. The disrespect.


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