Will ex come back if she sees I have become a better man and beaten my addiction?

My ex girlfriend dumped me a few weeks ago because of my drinking problem. Alcohol turns me from a nice sweet guy to a rude argumentative yelling a**hole. She said she doesn't love me anymore, because I am not the man she fell in love with in the beginning. She said I have blown all my chances (we have fought and broken up a couple times in the last year). I tried begging, pleading, and crying (I know the OPPOSITE of what you are supposed to do) for another chance promising to never drink again. She stated I would never quit (I had tried before for 42 days only to fail). She then told me to have a nice life and blocked me. Since then, here is what has happened:
-I have been sober 18 days
-I see a therapist and am prescribed antidepressant a drug that helps reduce alcohol cravings
-I have been eating healthier, exercising, and have lost 15 pounds (I admit I have become overweight)
-She unblocked me and invited me out for ice cream. We went out for ice cream, went back to my place, played Call of Duty, and she slept over (no sex). Just cuddling and she held my hand all night.
-The next night, she came over after work (she is a waitress and works late) and slept over. We couldn't get our clothes off fast enough... let's just put it that way
-After the sex, she told me multiple times how she has missed me
-The next morning, while at work, we were snapchatting casually. I started throwing in a little flirting, and she got upset. She said I was starting to cross a line. I then asked her if she meant what she said last night about missing me. She said "Yes... but I don't want to admit it." I then brought up how passionate last night was, and she replied saying it was a mistake and never should have happened
-I asked her besides my drinking, what hesitations does she have about getting together. She said she doesn't want to fall into the same trap again
-She then said she can't do this anymore, and proceeded to block me

Will she eventually unblock me/come back? I love her..
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  • I think you pushed too quick. Should have given her more time and space before bringing those things up. Keep working on yourself and be the best you can. What will be will be. Voted yes by the way

  • Possibly, but do it for you, thats more important mate


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