Asking a friend for an actual "date" as opposed to hanging out. Would it make a difference to specify "date" when asking?

Been friends with this woman for a while. We hang out almost every weekend and sometimes I "treat" her to dinner or a movie. We do things that most people do when they go on date, but in the end it's just two friends hanging out usually because she doesn't seem open to romance. I'm thinking she either don't like me that way or she is thinking in the context of two friends hanging out which makes it hard for any romance to happen. So I'm wondering if using the term 'date' would make a difference? Like maybe she'd be more open to romantic interactions under the context of a date as opposed to hanging out.


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  • Well it definitely seem to be a valid approach to change the meaning of your meetings to a date. I think that maybe she can be more open to romance this way. But I am afraid that maybe it could be a little bit too late for this change in tone and maybe she has already friendzoned you. I hope that is not the case, but from your description, it might well be the case. But anyways you need to make your interest known as fast as you can, because you are, from what you conveyed, almost up to the point where you are friendzoned.

    • Just recently asked her for a date. I can say affirmatively that specifying a "date" made a complete difference in her mind. So guys, be clear about what you want.

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