How do I go about getting a girl who has never been in love or had a boyfriend 💔?

I am wanting my first girlfriend to have never been in love and never had a romantic bond before with a guy. At least 18 years old and average in attraction.

I am hoping that the shy girls will give me better chances
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  • Why is that important? You can find girls like that, but that's a very temporary thing to care about, wouldn't it be better to meet a girl who is your type, who has the same interests, who is everything you want but happens to have dated before?

    • That is the thing, I have been UNABLE to find girls like that. Especially on online dating sites. They are almost nonexistant. And when I do find them, they will not talk to me.

      They say you always have a special place in your heart for your first love. I don't like the hypothetical situatiom that exists to where she can reunite with someone from here youth, not necissarily an ex, and it be a sweeter outcome.

    • Why are you looking on online dating sites? Why would a 20 year old virgin be looking so hard to get in a relationship? And of course girls who are are going to be weirded out by you, they probably assume you want their virginity and nothing else.

      If she left the person in the past it's because it didn't work. Regardless, there is just as much chance your virgin girl ends up in her 30s feeling like she missed out on her youth and cheating to feel young again. There is a chance of her cheating and being happier with someone else no matter what, you just have to deal with it. You can have a special spot for your first love, but not everyone does, so this seems like a weak argument.

    • I have to agree with things other people have said. You're being naive, especially if you have high standards for the girl in terms of appaearance/personality. Maybe you can get a religious girl, I guess.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Mah Boi, you're way past that stage. Why do you even want that?

    • I want me and a woman to be each other's first and only loves. No past romance, especially from youth.

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    • That's being hopelessly romantic to a debilitating degree. I don't want to destroy your fantasy, but it is naive.

    • I want that. And that is not too naive

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  • If you are settling for someone just because you think it will "help your chances," then you my friend are being selfish. Do not hurt and use a young inexperienced girl because you haven't had the best of luck in the dating world

  • Hmm that's tough. If you want young love you want have to date someone super young or extremely boring. Someone so boring that doesn't leave the house. Or religious person. But we are all crazy.

  • No chance in hell. If they've never wanted anyone else then they won't want you either.


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