Is this guy trying to get my attention?

When i was still dating my now ex, this one guy at my club gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheeck, on New Years day. I haven't seen him at the club, prior, nor been to the club since then. This guy is always flirting with my while at the club, or doing band gigs, etc. While at the club, he wasn't drunk, bu we were all pretty high spirited from the show we did. I am single now, and wanting to try to show him I'm interested. I have sent him a friend request and "wayved" on gulp, Facebook. Yes, I know, but hey. He is very flirty to me, even when I was wih my boyfriend at the time. During band jobs, he'd always tease me, or joke around. Which he doesn't with other women of our club. I'm heseitant to get into something with someone so soon, but was that a clear indication? I know he never really liked my boyfriend when we were together, so Im curious now!
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  • Yes he definitely was flirting with you and giving subtle hints. If ya feel he was really interested in you and still will be There's no harm in trying but before ya tie any commitment knots with him in future just be sure it's not just because you needed a change or figure a way to get out of your previous relationship or make your ex jealous, or because you were more desirable to him just because you were in a messy relationship and he had known it as then he most probably will know you are weak and will try to use you for his needs while pretending to provide support.

    • That is awesome feedback. I am not in a relationship, and am. Not trying to get my ex jealous. I couldn't care less, he was a jerk and I think everyone at the club knew. I am not looking for a commitment right now, nor looking for anything physical. Thank you for bringing clarity.

  • Could been friendly but no harm in tring


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