Should I really care that im not able to date?

I feel really down in the crap because im not able to date, i also dont know how to date so there's that too but that what learning is all about right?, im not able to date for many reasons but for now i'll give you just 5.
1. can't Drive dont know how to and No Driver License or Car (i have a fear of other drivers)
2. Still live with mother at 23 years old, also have a 16 year old disabled sister living here too.
3. Been a janitor for 3 years, seen a lot of girls eyehump the security guards but dont look at me for a second.
4. Still a virgin i have no experiance what so ever of anykind, never had my first kiss yet either.
5. Im not ripped like most guys are, i've only been working out for about 7 months and im seeing a bit of a change but no 8 pack or 6 pack and everyone know girls love that stuff.
So there's my reasons hate em and judge all you want im no here to complain im just here to hear your opinions on should i really care if im not able to date?


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  • First of all this is not a problem at all.
    You see, I'm from India. You must have heard about India maybe.
    This is not the real problem for you brother. All you need to take care of is about your life.
    Not about virginity or girl or sex or whatever you are thinking of. It's just a part that you didn't experienced yet and what happening inside your mind is that you really need to know the females and their feeling and all which you been seeing only in porns and movies. Its just a curiosity, which grows more and more and eventually your mind start thinking that you are bad in everyway for a girl and you becoming frustrated and then you are depressed at last and you posted this question.
    I can tell you my friend.
    There are male virgins aged 88 india. Can you guess that. When I heard that from the same person I mentioned I was shoked like wtf. I'm not telling you to follow his footsteps.
    All I'm telling you is to realise that you are ok.
    You just need to know that you are good in ur life because you are not a criminal, you are kind one who can think and communicate. Just be happy with what you have. Be happy with your mom and little sis, and enjoy whatever job you are doing. Somewhere out there , one girl is there who feels same as like you do now.

  • Improve your social life. It always works


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