Would you say he's into me?

First, I apologize if this question is too obvious or stupid. But all through hs and well into college, I dated the same guy. That was 6 years of my life. I don't have dating experience, I'm awkward at it, etc.

I would like your opinion on if this guy is into me or not.

I met him back in the end of August at a mutual friend's house warming party. We met really briefly, but we seemed to click since he asked for my number. The same night, he texted me. Over time, we exchanged AIM sn, facebook, emails, all modes of communication.

Since the night of the party, we have talked nearly every single night, we don't text or call, just IM. He's the one that always initiates contact first. I can't recall a single time where I sent him an IM first. But anyways, we've talked a lot for weeks before finally meeting up for a coffee "date".

The meet went pretty well. It lasted about an hour and a half. We talked, we laughed, I think we had chemistry. At the end, we didn't make any definite plans because I had exams coming up the following week. So we just left it as we'll hang out again. No touching, no kissing.

It's been a couple of days since we had coffee. We have talked online since. He hasn't asked me out again though he has mentioned a restaurant he loves that I've never been to, and says that he'll take me there because I'd love it.

All of this I take as a positive sign that he's into me. But if he's into me, why doesn't he call me? Or even text? It's always IMing. I'm just confused. Also, while he has said we'll go, he hasn't asked me out yet.

What do you think?


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  • I deffinetly think he's into you, I'm thinking he's either shy, wanting to take it slow, or is unsure as to where you stand.

    Like you said, you never initiate anything with him - you never text, call etc. So from his perspective, that might come across as disinterest. Secondly its only been 2 days since your last date - if I'm in his shoes and really am into this girl I just went out with, I'm not asking her out again the next day or two. Just comes off as being a bit too clingy. I think he threw the dinner suggestion out there to see how you'd respond, and from there sometime in the future I'm sure he'll ask you.

    I think you should try either calling him or texting him this week. Maybe ask him to go to the gym with you or something. I know for me I would hate it if I was always the one who had to initiate contact. Id think I was bothering the girl and she really doesn't want to talk to me so much

    • Thanks :) I hope it works out between the two of you, let me know how things go :)

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