Is my teacher in love me?

I'm a high school senior and I have a new teacher who's in his 20s', he is tall, in shape and has beautiful blonde hair, he won the "hottest teacher of the year" .
Even though I don't participate much in class he always says I'm his favorite. He talks about me with other teachers. He gives me the best grades and treatment. I sit at the end of the class and every time I whisper to my friend something about the subject he always seems to hear it and reacts to it. He passes by me and stands next to me for most of the lesson. When everyone talks he doesn't care but when I talk with the guy next to me he always seems jealous and scolds me and the guy.
He always bumps into me in school when there’s no one around. There're many more situation like these, so I wanted to hear your opinion about it.


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  • Probably wants to smash, you should probably run as far as you can


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