How should I tell my roommate/ex that I am open to trying again?

My ex and I have been roommates for half a month. We broke up a little over four months ago. I have grown a lot as a young woman in those four months. I'm a better friend and I'm not overly emotional anymore. I'm sure he notices this change but I can't be sure if he knows I still love him romantically. He hasn't been showing me really intense signs but we don't usually try to read between the lines and are very straightforward and honest with each other. He was the one to break things off with me, I believe it was because I was overwhelming him with my depression and anxiety. That has been taken care of and I can finally say that I'm in a much better place than I was while we were dating. I don't want to go backwards and I'm wondering how to tell him my feelings without making him feel pressured or in a corner. And so he knows I respect his boundaries and feelings, that I just want to be open and honest.


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