How do u handle mistakes?

For the past 4 years ever since i was 21... i made a lot of mistake... kinda let my emotions take over me. I kept hanging out with the wrong crowd... not my kind of people... people who have been in homes, do drugs, party a lot etc. I was raised like that but i was raised very strict... unfortunately i did stupid things for money and i couldnt say no to the wrong people... unfortunately now i have to suffer the consequences... which are pretty bad. How can i move on and learn from my mistakes... also as a student i didn't take my life seriously


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  • U were raised very strict and as a way to cope with that acumulated resentment u took it out by doing the contrary of strict

    What u should have done is
    Dont let ur resentment grow and ignore it.. u need to accept ur emotions and express them
    And learn to do u like

    Society teach u that to say that u have a fulfilling life is to have acomplished something... but that is wrong

    Example samsung CEO is an acomplished man, but ask urself then what are all those people behind him?
    Hundred of poor people sitting in a fabric assebling samsung cellphone pieces? Failures?
    So for a few men to feel acomplished hundreds need to be failures?

    I mean samsung CEO can be good at making money and being a manager but what happens if thosed hundred of cellphone assemblers want to accomplish that position too... whos gonna work on assembling?

    • So i think that a real fulfilling life is when u understand ur emotions and aware of whats real, by not lettin society norms limit u.

      Try youtube video: school of life
      Or liberatin ur mind with videos of sadhguru is about meditation

  • Just by learning from it


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