I planned a Saturday morning coffee date tonight with an online girl and she gave me her number, then she acted strange and has gone AWOL?

This is a girl I unmatched on tinder but I forgot why, i told her we aren't going to get along so we should unmatch to stop wasting each others time).
A month later we re-matched and the unmatching wasn't a problem and we started getting along (few messages traded over 3 days).
I asked her out for a coffee Saturday but not tonight because im tired after a uni exam
(I left the time in her court as i didn't know her schedule).
She replied positively and said she has errands but a morning date is good for her.
We quickly went through any deal breakers and she gave me her number.
I suggested a coffee at a small but open area thats nice and at the city centre station mall as its easy to find each other.
I suggested 11am-12pm, but she decided to change the time to an earlier one, she said she had places to be by then (RED FLAG.. but Idc as it was convenient for me to see her earlier and i only chose a later time for her benefit - getting ready).
Then she had an issue with the venue, she said "Thanks for asking if that is convenient for me, driving into the city is a pisstake to drive into, out of town works best for me" RED FLAG - changing venue and bad language (but it's true both of us live nearer outside of the city lol but I'm not a student and I can afford to buy coffee at nicer places).
I decided to change it to somewhere closer to us thats a nice cafe/restuarant Cafe Rouge.
She then said "no its fine I can tell we won't get on so won't waste either of our time, take care and best of luck"
She immediately blocked me off whatsapp and the dating app lol
Has she got revenge for me unmatching her previously or did she act on her shit tests?
(I have got a date with another girl now who i never thought id ask)


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  • Well i think that she acted on her shit tests and you have failed to pass them, so she decided that this wasn´t in fact going to work. Well since you perceived it wasn´t going to work by yourself even earlier than she did i don´t even know why you did attempt a contact with her again. Honestly if things didn´t work well in the first time you two got matched, why did you think it would work after 1 month? But to be honest there could be that she just used the line you used in the first time you unmatched her as a revange act, yes. But as you have moved on, just forget about this awkward moment.

    • yeah thats what I thought anyway, i was ignoring the shit tests because each change was logically better, but i wouldve not turned up (she mustve realised lol). only would I have gone to the original venue because it was ideal. If a girl doesn't know their place, it goes wrong. She told me on the dating app that she's been burnt in the past, she hasn't learnt a thing then?

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    • No, definitely they aren´t, i don´t give second chance unless the person has proven to me that he or she had chanceg their ways for the better and the change is permanent.

    • Agh lesson learnt lol, thank you for the insight

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  • The examples you provided were not red flags. She said she was busy and even provided a reschedule for you.

    You need to realize women have other priorities and some random guy she matches with on Tinder will not be her number 1.

    You didn't provide what you texted her so I will speculate and say that she lost attraction towards you since the setting up of the date didn't go smoothly.

    • When i asked for her number "mind if we exchange numbers?" she said "say please"
      - my question has had a 100% success rate until this girl arrived, so anyway i said please.
      she asked if we can whatsapp (texting is so 2000s), this was after i sent her a little text to confirm my number (the whatsapp symbol didn't appear yet), i was going to wait for a reply and call her...
      - so as she asked me to whatsapp her, thats what i did to let her know the date details.
      She wanted to change the time to 1hr earlier, so i replied and changed it.
      she wanted to change the venue to somewhere closer, so i replied and changed that.
      I believe i did provide what she wanted, i think now that I will not change anything and if the girl doesn't agree, i'll go with another girl who will.

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    • I never said to reply in a rude manner. I will provide an example response you could've gave to her shit test so you better understand.

      When she said "say please" you could have used agree and amplify strategy in your response for example "please... your highness" with humour in your tone, this stops you falling into her frame and also makes a fun atmosphere.

    • my response was similar "pretty please :D " but it doesn't detract from the fact it that wanted a guy to beg for it making herself look self-centred lol
      She revealed to me that she's been burnt by guys and the reasons are obvious

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