Trying to start a normal friendship with my crush, though I can't even feel casual and normally friendly around her. Is it worth trying?

This is my first time doing anything about someone I like. I'm usually not a particularly sexual or romantically oriented guy, but now, as a 17 year old, it took me by surprise. She has a very penetrating stare, and, although maybe I keep mistaking that for checking me out, she smiles at me sometimes. It's not constant, and is usually when we're sitting near each other in class. Anyway, I would describe her personality as quiet, but subtly sassy. She's rather awkward sometimes, but I love it. A close mutual friend of mine describes her as someone who "loves having someone pay attention to her. Be nice, kind, sweet etc. and she's your man". The problem is this; sometimes I feel like I could comfortably talk to her and ask her about anything about herself (though that is hard, as she is either busy when alone or is just hanging out with her girl friends - I don't take it personally but it is annoying), but more often than not, I think about not messing up when talking to her, which I feel is bad because then it's all about me and not her. Is it worth attempting at least a normal friendship at first, if I can't even act normal around her myself?
This mutual friend knows her better than I do
I also gave her a present of the kind I noticed she likes, just sort of casually, and while she thanked me just normally and politely at first, about a month later (a few weeks ago) she thanks me for it again out of the blue and tries to continue a conversation with me.


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  • Yea Go for it! Follow your gut feeling


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