I made a huge STUPID mistake?

that will haunt me for life. i was so FOOLISH for making that choice when im normally careful. I've learned my lesson not to play with fire now but i have a name on my name for life now. I wosh i could go back in time and not do that mistake but i can't. At that time i knew i shouldn't have done it but i did it anyways... why? i dont know and i literally ruined ny reputation for life.


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  • well, sucks man, you said you're normally careful which means you've done it before. you had multiple chances man. just got to live with it.

    • its on black and white and its horrible... i can't spill it on the internet... I've done it before but ill be careful now

    • got busted once you'll get busted again. might want to avoid it all together.

Most Helpful Girl

  • What did you do?

    • something thats on black and white

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